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Eartha, Keep Me N Ur Ear

Eartha Foster is Ear-at-work; with Fisk University radio 88.1 FM, playing Smooth Jazz. It is a Smooth Jazz party every Friday evening from 6pm until 9pm,
A Radio personality is not all Eartha does, this woman has her hand full with mentoring women between the ages of 16 and older. Eartha Foster, CEO/ Founder of, House of Anna, Inc. “A Desire”. One woman at a time is her slogan and a promise, from case management, homeless placement, and desired/positive referrals.

Now everybody knows most radio personalities, playing any genre of music, has a witty, funny, bust your sides in laughter, personality, Eartha displays all of those, while performing in Celebrating Black History Month , playing the part of Moms Mabley , in “Beyond February” written and Produced by Dorcas Shetfield. Beyond February is a play center around African American high school students, who are on a field trip, touring a Black museum, where they received the best education from no one better than Black History ghost. These ghosts are African American men and women inventors, entertainers and more. Black History Month is far “Beyond February”.

Eartha wants to invite you to listen in and enjoy her play list. Eartha, Keep Me N Ur Ear, Smooth Jazz party on Fridays from 6 in the evening until 9pm,, 88.1 FM FISK University Smooth Jazz Radio,

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